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  Our Favorite Performance:
Experience the excitement of live theatre and join Mr. Punch in a merry romp as he tries to find the baby with the help of the audience and his old friends before Judy returns. Performed with improv and audience interaction.
 Circus of Imagination
Inspire your audience to try their hand at puppet making and performance.
Ananse the Spider
See the Trickster earn the stories of the Sky King for all on Earth to share.
Tortoise and the Hare
Cheer on the classic rivals as they discover timing is almost everything.
Imagination Vacation
Face Doubt as Will meets Creativity, Knowledge,
and Confidence.
Tiptoe Bakes a Cake
Try to help Tiptoe bake for
a special event when a mischievous "helping hand" makes a mess of things.
Other Performances
Contact us for holidays, custom adaptations, and semi-retired shows. Over
15 possible performances.
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